The Geoffrey J. Burton Memorial Fund was established in 1986 with the aim of providing financial assistance to students (postgraduates studying for a higher degree or first-year postdoctoral junior scientists) based in the UK travelling to any conferences or meetings at which they will be presenting a paper or poster. The Fund was renamed in 2002 to the Vision Scientists Memorial Fund so that more awards could be developed.

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David Marr Medal

Geoffrey J Burton Lecture

Tom Troscianko Memorial Award

Travel Award: Geoffrey J Burton Memorial Award

Bradshaw / Eagle Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Reports from recipients of awards


We ask award-holders to acknowledge the AVA’s support by including our logo in presentations funded by our travel awards or by including a written acknowledgement in publications resulting from research awards. In wording your acknowledgement, please use our full name as well as the abbreviation, i.e. the Applied Vision Association (AVA) and refer to the specific scheme through which your research was funded (e.g. the Bradshaw/Eagle Undergraduate Research Scholarship).