AVA Animal Vision Meeting at University of Sussex

16 Sep 2005 archived

AVA Scientific Meeting
Animal Vision 

University of Sussex
School of Life Sciences

The Applied Vision Association is pleased to announce the scientific one-day Meeting on Animal Vision will be held at the University of Sussex on Friday the 16th of September 2005.

Programme of Meeting

Papers are invited on different aspects of both invertebrate and vertebrate vision. The meeting will focus on following topics:

  • Navigation and motion
  • Object recognition and colour
  • Robot modelling
  • Evolution and Ecology

The submission deadline is 31 August 2005.

Oral contributions, posters, and demonstrations of results/methods are welcome – please make it clear which type of presentation you prefer.

Preliminary list of speakers:

Invited talk:
Martina Wicklein (University College London) 
Depth perception in Sphingids: behavior, neurons and models 
Rob A. Harris (University of Sussex) 
Visual motion adaptation in the fly visual system
Richard Stafford (University of Newcastle)
The neuroscience, behaviour and ecology behind the development of an insect inspired visual collision detection mechanism 
Ben Vincent (University of Bristol)
Implementing a Robotic Active Vision System 
Thomas S. Collett (University of Sussex)
The priming of visual memories in ants and bees 
Paul Graham (University of Sussex)
Visual Landmark navigation in ants 
Petroc Sumner (Imperial College London)
Chasing flowers: a possum's eye view 
Natalie Hempel de Ibarra (University of Sussex)
Mechanisms of target recognition in bees 
Ron Douglas (City University London)
The strength of circadian clocks in the retina of various species of fish correlates to their geographical origin 
Martin Stevens (University of Bristol)
Eyespots Function as Anti-Predator Deterrents Towards Avian Predators

For further information and abstract submission (250 words) please contact:

Dr Natalie Hempel de Ibarra   and   Dr Daniel Osorio
Email:    nh45@sussex.ac.uk      D.Osorio@sussex.ac.uk 

The meeting will take place in the Lecture Theatre of the Brighton & Sussex Medical School on the Falmer campus of the University of Sussex. The building is located next to the School of Life Sciences (John Maynard Smith building). For details and map please refer to:
Travel information can be found here:
Falmer train station is well served by frequent local trains running between Brighton and Lewes. The journey to Falmer station from Brighton station takes about nine minutes, from Lewes station about six minutes. There are numbers of accommodation facilities of different price levels in the Lewes and Brighton area. See also

University of Sussex
School of Life Sciences
JMS Building, Falmer, Brighton
Tel.:   ++44 (0) 1273 872811 Tel.: ++44 (0) 1273 877440 
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