AVA Meeting in Regensburg

28 Aug 2009 archived

Animal Visual Ecology Symposium at ECVP 09

Salzstadel, Regensburg, Germany
August 28-29 2009

Meeting Programme

Meeting Abstracts

Invited Lectures
Jochen Zeil (Australian National University) "View-based homing"
Martin Egelhaaf (University of Bielefeld) "Active vision (mainly) in insects"
Marc Holderied (University of Bristol) "How echolocating bats control the flow of sensory information"


Innes Cuthill (University of Bristol)
Ron Douglas (City University London)
Daniel Osorio (University of Sussex)
Tom Troscianko (University of Bristol)
Annette Werner (University of Tübingen)


From optics to active vision, animals demonstrate a wealth of diversity in adaptations to the environment, behavioural niches, and the constraints of body size and mobility. Comparing animals that have separate evolutionary histories has long been a rich source of insight into the design and function of visual systems. This symposium is about vision in all animals: how they interact with environment and solve problems in their daily lives. Past AVA Animal Vision meetings show that interaction between animal vision scientists and those who study humans and machines is enjoyable and productive: leading to insights into optical, behavioural, and neural solutions to visual problems. The Symposium will interest researchers on animal vision, and those human vision researchers who study properties of natural scenes, action driven by such scenes, and visual ecology more generally.

The venue is a beautifully-restored former salt warehouse, built in 1620 and located on the banks of the Danube in the historic Old Town of Regensburg.

There will be a 4 hr boat cruise on the "MS Regensburg" on the evening of Friday 28 August. Tickets will cost 25 Euros each incuding the cruise, traditional Bavarian dinner, and dancing. The boat will depart from, and return to, the quayside close to the meeting venue.

A limited number of tickets will be available. To reserve, please email


stating how many tickets you wish to reserve. Payment will be required at the ECVP or AVA registration desks.


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