AVA/Colour Group Meeting at City University

20 Sep 2007 archived

Animal Vision

The Applied Vision Association and the Colour Group of Great Britain are pleased to announce the scientific one-day Meeting on Animal Vision will be held at City University, London, Department of Optometry and Visual Science (lectures in room CM507 (C304), registration/coffee in CM450 (C244)) on Thursday 20th September 2007, 9:30-18:00.

Final Programme and Abstracts

09.30 Registration & Coffee

10.25 Welcome

10.30 John Saunders (City), John Jarvis & Chris Wathes (Royal Vet College)
Calculating luminous flux and lighting levels of domesticated mammals and birds

10.50 Phillip Cassey (Birmingham)
Avian discrimination of eggshell colour

11.10 Graham Martin & Craig White (Birmingham)
Through birds’ Eyes: What does vision tell us about the aquatic foraging of Cormorants?

11.30 coffee

11.50 Mathew Berg, Raoul Ribot, Ben Knott (Bristol), Leo Joseph (CSIRO),Katherine Buchanan (Cardiff), Jim Bowmaker, David Hunt (UCL), Andrew Bennett (Bristol)
Coloration and colour vision in a parrot ring species

12.10 Innes Cuthill & Aron Székely (Bristol)
Coincident disruptive coloration

12.30 Richard Clarke (UCL)
Bees preferentially encode higher–order image statistics that have ecological relevance.

12.50 Adrian Dyer (Monash/Mainz), Sabina Prack & Johannes Spaethe (Vienna)
Honeybees and bumblebees trade-off colour discrimination for acuity.

13.10 lunch

14.10 Paul Graham, Virginie Durier & Thomas Collett (Sussex)
The co-activation of snapshot memories in wood ants

14.30 Graham Taylor (Oxford)
Vision-based flight control in birds and insects

14.50 Almut Kelber (Lund)
Colour perception in dichromatic animals

15.10 Andrew Parker (Oxford)
The introduction of vision in life's history, 540Ma

15.30 Eric Warrant (Lund)
A tale of two fishes: The visual ecology of two deep-sea predatory fishes

15.50 coffee

16.10 Stephanie Halford & Russell Foster (Oxford)
VA Opsin update: More than just a teleost photopigment?

16.30 Ronald Kröger (Lund)
Multifocal optical systems in vertebrate eyes for acute colour vision.

16.50 Yakir Gagnon (Lund)
Spherical fish lenses; optimization & adaptation

17.10 Christa Neumeyer & Martin Gehres (Mainz)
Seeing motion in fishes

17.00 drinks & nibbles


Graham Martin (Birmingham), Raymond McNeil (Montreal) & Marina Rojas (Oriente)
Through birds’ Eyes: Vision and the Foraging Technique of Skimmers Luz (Rynchopidae)

Mathew Berg, Raoul Ribot, Leo Joseph, Katherine Buchanan, Andrew Bennett (Bristol/Australia/Cardiff)
Colour polymorphism and population divergence in a parrot ring species: a role for sexual selection?

Sarah Zylinski. (Sussex)
Edge perception and cuttlefish camouflage

E. Kelman & Daniel Osorio (Sussex)
How cuttlefish decide which camouflage pattern to display

Kit Longden & Holger Krapp (Imperial)
Activity modulation of optic flow processing neurons by an octopamine agonist in the blowfly

Wayne Davies, Livia Carvalho, Jill Cowing, Lyn Beazley, David Hunt, Catherine Arrese (UCL/Western Australia)
Bridging the Gap: Ancestral Trichromacy in Mammals

Aman Saleem, Holger Krapp & Simon Schultz (Imperial)
Do fly & primate neurons code moving 2D patterns the same way?

Susan Theiss, Shaun Collin & Nathan Hart (Queensland) Andrew Philippides, Natalie Hempel de Ibarra, Olena Riabinina & Thomas Collett (Sussex)
Visual pigments and colour vision in elasmobranchs An analysis of the phases and dynamics of bumblebee learning flights

Y. Garcia, C. Torti, B. Povazay, B. Hermann, J. Erichsen, & W. Drexler (Cardiff)
Wavefront aberrations in peripheral vision

Jill Cowing, Catherine Arrese, Alison Oddy, Lynda Beazley, Wayne Davies, Livia Carvalho & David Hunt (UCL)
The genetic basis for colour vision in the fat-tailed dunnart, Sminthopsis crassicaudata

Other people have also indicated that they will have posters, but have not yet provided titles. Anyone else wishing to display a poster please get in touch with Ron Douglas (r.h.douglas@city.ac.uk) – we can accept posters almost up until the last minute).

For further information please contact:

Ron Douglas

Email:  r.h.douglas@city.ac.uk

If you would like to attend this meeting (even without registering in advance) please could you email r.h.douglas@city.ac.uk with the subject of the email being "Animal Vision Meeting".

Dept. Optometry & Visual Science,
City University,
Northampton Sq,
London EC1V 0HB

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