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Rules for conference abstracts

  1. Set the title in bold. Use a capital letter for only the first word.
  2. List authors beneath the title (first name, middle initials (optional), second name).
  3. Follow the author list with the following placed within parentheses: Addresses of authors. If there are multiple addresses, use numbered superscripts to link to the authors. Follow addresses with a semicolon, the word ‘email’, a colon, and the email address of the first author.
  4. Abstract body. Maximum length: 250 words (including references).
  5. References must be included in the main body in the exact format shown. For author lists longer than two, use ‘et al’. Authors are discouraged from including more than two references. References should not be listed at the end of the abstract.
  6. Text should be fully justified throughout, and set in 12 point Arial font.

Download guide and an example abstract here.


Grant reviewing and writing

The AVA Committee has published two documents which we believe will be helpful to the vision science community:

How to review a grant

How to write a grant


The Dress

A vision twitter storm February 2015


Bootstrap thresholds

Given a set of binomial responses at different stimulus levels, this program fits a psychometric function and derives a threshold and slope. It then estimates the standard deviation and confidence intervals of the threshold and slope by a bootstrap procedure. Another program compares thresholds and slopes from two sets of data and estimates confidence intervals to test the significance of their differences. For an introduction to the software, see Foster & Bischof (1997) Spat. Vis., 11, 135-139.

The programs are available in a variety of downloading formats here, and are also mirrored on the AVA anonymous ftp site at:


Hyperspectral images of natural scenes

Images of size approx. 1344 x 1024 x 31 used in Foster et al. (2004) Vis. Neurosci., 21, 331-336 are available here.

Images of size approx. 725 x 685 x 31 used in Nascimento et al. (2002). J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 19, 1484-1490, are available here.


Software for visual psychophysics: an overview


Vision Demos

Motion after effect without motion demonstration by Professor Mark Georgeson, Aston University.


Vision links

Vision Research



Journals (Gold Open Access journals indicated with an asterisk)

Press release for 2023 award

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